Termedi Comano dermatology centre of excellence in Europe

The Terme di Comano are located in the green heart of Trentino, between Lake Garda and the Brenta Dolomites, a magical place immersed in a 14-hectare thermal park where you can regenerate body and mind.

ComanoSpa: healing at 360

With more than two centuries of history, Terme di Comano offers everyone a true wellness experience in tune with nature. Daily Thermal Paths including thermal treatments, aesthetic spa treatments, massages and guided Natural Wellness activities in the 14-hectare thermal park, including the sensory path, breath walking and forest bathing.

Thermal waters to bathe in for skin wellness, to drink and breathe in to purify the body and strengthen the immune system, targeted health and prevention programmes, and physical activity and rehabilitation programmes. Terme di Comano is a place where you can take care of yourself in every respect.

The water of Terme di Comano

With a constant spring temperature of 27°, the highest of all the oligomineral waters in Italy, the water of Terme di Comano is ideal for naturally curing and soothing inflammation, redness, and itching in the skin of adults and children.
The well-known therapeutic effects of the water of Terme di Comano are renowned throughout Europe and depend on its oligomineral bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium composition.

Scientific research on Comano water has demonstrated the mechanism of action of its microbiota and identified a valuable regenerating, immunomodulating and antibacterial action

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Because we care about water

Thermal water is the 'secret' ingredient of our cosmetics line: this is why we are
particularly sensitive to reducing water consumption, not only thermal water,
throughout the production chain.

Using state-of-the-art technologies such as bio circle or closed loop systems, we strive to optimise the use of this valuable resource in the production of all our products. Terme di Comano skincare: increasingly sustainable skincare

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 A complete proposal for the care of yourbody and health

The proposal is completed with a well-equipped department of Aesthetic and Corrective Dermatology which, with the aid of laser techniques, can eliminate skin imperfections such as wrinkles, acne, scars, spots, freckles, seborrhoeic warts, and finally also provide a solution for eliminating excessive body hair

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