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Nasal Solution

Nasal Solution

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The nasal solution is a class 1 medical device.
It is an isotonic solution of water from the Comano Spa, free of preservatives and propellant gases.
Suitable for cleaning the nose in adults, it is also ideal for treating irritation of the respiratory tract.

PACKAGING with Bag on Valve technology designed to reduce contact with the outside.

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Consigli & Benefici

There are various reasons why nasal cleaning is important:

  • for daily hygiene and the general well-being of the body
  • to prevent bacterial and viral infections such as colds
  • to eliminate excess mucus
  • to humidify the mucosa in case of pollen, dry air, smoke and pollution
  • as a complementary treatment in case of rhinitis and sinusitis
  • as an adjuvant treatment for those who snore


Comano Thermal Water, sodium chloride (in a concentration of 0.9%, the same as the human body)

  • Addolcente
  • Lenitivo