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Thermal Water Spray

Thermal Water Spray

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The oligo-thermal water of Comano has a “bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium” composition, a pH close to neutral and can be an effective solution for skin problems of various kinds. Clinical studies and research on cell cultures conducted by prestigious Italian universities have demonstrated that Comano thermal waters can be used effectively to prevent or soothe skin irritation, relieve itchiness, minimise allergic reactions, stimulate the regeneration of the stratum corneum (surface layer of the skin).

PACKAGING with Bag on Valve technology designed to reduce contact with the outside.

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Consigli & Benefici

Spray on skin (face, body, scalp) and pat-dry.

  • Hydrates and provides freshness and luminosity
  • Soothing and decongesting in presence of irritations caused by external agents
  • Prompt and constant sedation of itchiness,
  • Decongests and refreshes the skin after exposure to UV rays.
  • Soothing and repairing the skin after shaving. Children:
  • Eliminates itchiness and redness,
  • Provides freshness and soothes the skin in case of diaper rash.


100% Comano thermal water

  • Lenitivo
  • Anti-rossori
  • Idratante
  • Anti-prurito
  • Addolcente